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    Flashing Tape - Shadowlastic™ Plus Roof Black/White Printed 627-35 4INx50FT 35MIL 12/CS

    Provides a strong and immediate adhesion even during extremely cold operation conditions (service temperature -30 to 200°F) Formulated for conformability in both warm and cold weather temperatures Provides a long-term weather-tight seal to prevent moisture, air, and vapour penetration Compatible with most caulking and sealants - does not react to most solvent-based solutions Easy application - just peel & stick Resists UV degradation for up to 3 years of direct exposure to sunlight Easy to remove paper release liner Used under tile on the ridge and hip lines of roofs to prevent moisture from entering the building, window and door openings, skylights and dormers and any above grade critical areas that need protection against water and air leaks

    Butyl Tape - Permanent Reinforced D/C Black BTR-40 4INx36YD 40MIL 3/CS 144/SKID

    A permanent, durable solution for securing and seaming vapour barrier materials in crawl spaces Aggressive adhesion to rough/textured surfaces as well as vapour barrier materials Conformable yet strong and durable Excellent moisture vapour properties Replacement for time-consuming mechanical attachment, sprays, and liquid adhesives Applications include noise and vibration damping, eliminating air penetration, waterproof and weatherproof mounting and seaming, permanent laminating, sealing, mounting, and bonding

    Polyethylene Tape - Serrated Pinked Edges White 757 72MMx55M 7MIL 16/CS

    Conformable and flexible Excellent durability and solvent resistance Hand tearable with excellent adhesion High tack for a secure bond Repositionable and clean removal from many surfaces Low VOC and no heavy metals Applications include: Abatement industry applications including hanging and seaming PE sheeting, sealing waste disposal bags Convention industry uses for bundling carpet, securing PE film coverings, color coding Seaming and patching shrink wrap for boat, RV, and equipment storage Wire hold down PE splicing Surface protection Dissimilar metal separation

    Cloth Duct Tape - Polyethylene Coated Black 203 48MMx55M 9MIL 24/CS

    Good tensile strength, adhesion, and tack Handles easily conforms well to irregular surfaces Will not twist or curl during application Low residue Applications include the following: Bundling, patching, and repairs Temporary holding Colour coding Seaming & sealing PE sheeting